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Social platform on Innovative Social Services

This project is focusing on identifying the future potential of innovative services including the multifaceted activities of different stakeholders as well as the policy frameworks at different levels of governance geared to address the needs of citizens.

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European selection of innovative social services

These projects are presented in order to stimulate the debate about innovation in social services. They have been selected in accordance with the criteria framework coming from theoretical approaches. They have been selected principally as examples of innovative ideas in social services, rather than as examples of best practice.

Project name Description Field of service

Breaking the Poverty Cycle: Early Child Development and Parents’ Employment - Katymar

Social support of disadvantage/Roma, supported employment Katymár is a village in Southern Hungary, which faces the issues of poverty and long-term... Education, Welfare

Care for older people in a community setting - Ammerudhjemmet

The open nursing home model The nursing home Ammerud (owned by the Church City Mission, Oslo) is a meeting place for people across generations, cultures and... Health, Welfare

Changing perceptions of people with mental illnesses - Irre Menschlich

Education/information programs for health issues The trialoge citizen’s initiative consisting of persons with psychic/mental diseases, family members,... Education, Health

Community building through art-education – Realpearl

Art‐education of underprivileged/Roma children + online web shop The Real Pearl Foundation has an „excellence approved” qualification and their Roma and non... Education, Welfare

Community solutions to prevent public health problems - Santé Communitaires Seclin

Community well‐being initiative through acting The overall action is part of a community well-being initiative involving elected officials, health and social... Education, Health

Empowering parents - Eltern AG

Coaching parents to prepare them for educating and caring for their children The Eltern AG - empowerment program aims at coaching parents from disadvantaged... Education

Empowering people to manage their finances - Humanitas Financial Home Administration Programme

Improving people’s financial and administrative skills to promote active inclusion Financial Home Administration is a programme carried out by Humanitas to... Education, Welfare

Flexible child care for single parent families – Mom’artre

Network for after school childcare for disadvantaged families The Môm’artre network creates new kinds of spaces for after-school childcare, helping children... Education, Welfare

Integrated housing, social and health services for mental health rehabilitation – Light Residential

Housing solutions for people with mental health problems in Italy The aim of Light Residential Projects carried out by the Aiutiamoli Foundation, in Milan,... Welfare

Living Independently: Bringing people with disabilities into work - GPE Society Mainz

Framework for use of personal skills in dependent life The gpe Society for psycho-social Institutions Mainz GmbH was the result of the psychiatric reform in... Education, Welfare

Managing care services to support independence - VITALITY – Changing focus for old age

Training of street level employees to take assignments to citizens At a time when few other municipalities were aware of the fact that it was important to... Education, Welfare

Mobile health services for hard to reach people - Center against human trafficking

Mobile health offer for foreign women in prostitution The project is aimed at securing the health of foreign potential victims of human trafficking as well as... Education, Health

New housing solutions and inter-generational support - AUSER Arbitare Solidale

Inter- and intra-generational cohabitation as an integrated solution to tackle social problems Abitare Solidale is a project carried out by AUSER together... Welfare

On line coaching empowers disabled people - Blue Assist

BlueAssist is an icon combined with a message to ask strangers for help The user of BlueAssist has difficulties in understanding a situation and in asking... Welfare

Patient led digital health for long term health conditions - Somerset Pain management Service and Know Your Own Health

On-line patient self-management tool This project provides an example of innovative use of internet technology in health care: an on–line package to support... Health

Patient led home based stroke rehabilitation - Early Supported Discharge after Stroke

Early supported discharge for stroke patients The service provides early supported discharge (ESD) for stroke patients with mild to moderate symptoms.Early... Health

Social enterprises for integration and development – Place de bleu

Sewing room employing marginalized immigrant women Place de bleu is a sewing room that employs marginalized immigrant women. We produce home interior and... Education, Welfare

Unified approach to care: a certificate for entry level staff – European Care Certificate

The European Care Certificate (ECC) is an entry level award now available in 16 EU countries. This created a set of learning outcomes covering essential... Health, Welfare

User driven service evaluation - Nueva

Users evaluate the outcome quality of social services Nueva is specialized in the evaluation of services (Evaluation von Dienstleistungen) in the area of... Welfare

User involvement for independent living and personal assistance - CIL Serbia

Accreditation of personal assistance provider training CIL – mainstreaming of PA service and accreditation of PA provider training Serbia Mainstreaming of... Education, Welfare

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